Wishes and Messages: How to make your wish come true

Have the best life out there by knowing how to make your wish come true. Learn all you can when you read about it here at Wishes and Messages. The tips to making your wish come true that you need to know are the following:

1. Write down what you want in every area of your life. Make it detailed and specific. Be as detailed as possible.

2. Next, put a star (*) beside each thing in your life that you already have. (By the way, you should put five stars beside those things in your life that you absolutely love.)

3. Now, take five stars (*) and move them to areas in your life where you would like to have more of the thing you want.

4. Finally, write down what you need to make the most of the things you want. What skills do you need to develop? What new skills do you need to acquire? What education or information do you need to better understand this area of your life?

5. Once you have answered these questions for yourself, sit down and write out a detailed plan of action on how to get the results you want.

6. Give yourself a deadline. Make it specific. For example: I will give myself one week from today (Wednesday, August 30,

7. to write a book that will be published next year. That way, every night between now and then, I will review my progress and adjust my plan of action as needed.

Tip #1: You must be mentally ready. Your mind must be clear, unworried and uncluttered.

Tip #2: You must be emotionally ready. Your heart must be open. Your feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness and fear must be transmuted into a clear and positive state of well-being.

Tip #3: You must be physically ready. You must be full of good health. Your body must be strong, fit and have plenty of energy.

Tip #4: You must be spiritually ready. Your belief in divine guidance and the infinite power of prayer and positive thinking must be vibrant and unshakable.

Tip #5: You must be financially ready. You must have all your ducks in a row with all your ducks tied together with string.

Tip #6: You must have everything you need to put your plan into action. You must do the minimum necessary to get started. You must have an irresistible urge to move forward.

All of this must be true so you can make your wish come true. If you are not mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially prepared then you will not be able to make your wish come true. The most important element is your preparation.

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